What type of eyebrows will suit your face?

eyebrows threading design

Eyebrows are responsible for the entire glow of your face. If eyebrows are not threaded or are not properly done , then the whole glow of the face just disappears.

Therefore it is very important that your eyebrows are in right shape, it does not require you to pay much attention to makeup. Grace comes in the face already if the shape of the eyebrows is proper. Let us know what kind of shapes suits on different types of faces:

what threading design

What kind of eyebrow will look beautiful on your face?

  1. If your face is oval in shape, then develop your eyebrows with taking a slight rise . Many celebrities often make similar eyebrows as it suits their face and it enhance the glow of their face.
  2.  If  the shape of your face is round then develop a eyebrow which is little high and having a rise in the middle . Never Develop round eyebrow on a round shaped face as rather then increasing the beauty of your face, it will look more dirty .
  3. For those who have a face which is elongated , they should have flat eyebrows on their face. This type of eyebrows really look beautiful and attractive .
  4. If you have a face which is round in shape then keep it broad and give it a slight round shape. No need to develop a fully curved eyebrow as does not look good.
  5. If your face is  Heart shaped then you must develop a round shaped eyebrow . You must have seen TV actresses using this type of shape for their eyebrow and they really look pretty.


I am pretty sure that now you know about the kind of eyebrow that will be best suit on your face. Just go and try to develop the best kind of eyebrow depending on the shape of your face. Don’t forget to give your views about the article in the comment box.