Top 9 Common Eyebrow Threading Mistake that you should know !

Common Eyebrow threading Mistakes

Top 9 Common Eyebrow Threading Mistake that you should know

Ladies, Today here we will talk about common eyebrow threading mistakes.Eyebrows are the most defining feature on your face they can make and break your expressions. Getting a perfect eyebrow is difficult thing. But after avoiding common eyebrow threading mistake might be you can get.

Mistake 1 : Trying to Make Them Identical

Why you’d wan’t to make your eyebrow perfectly identical. Remeber your face is not totally symmetrical so it makes the sense of that your eyebrows are not exactly can end up over-plucking them and as well thin eyebrows are much more regrettable than ones that are only a smidgen diverse. Your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins.

Mistake 2 : You Use Old Tweezers

If you are using your tweezer for a long time then it’s time to change it. which result’s the red skin from the plucking failed attemps because old tweezers can make them dirty and rusty which are not good for your eyebrows.

Mistake 3 : You Match Your eyebrow with hair colors

Just because you’r hair color is different or you have bleached you hair, doesn’t mean that you’ll have to bleach your eyebrows. Eyebrows don’t always match hair colour exactly.matching your brows with your hair color makes you look washed out or like a choose eyebrow pencil and match your brows with those highlights will make your eyes pop

Mistake 4 : You Take too Much Off The Ends

Plucking the tails of the brows makes your brows too short which is not good on anyone.To avoid this mishap, make sure your eyebrows remain as long as the length of your eye. and if you have already plucked your eyebrow don’t worry you can use eyebrow pencil to extend the length of your brows.

Mistake 5 : You Wax Or Thread Your Eyebrows

As we discussed in the previous post that why threading is better than waxing. waxing can waxing rounds your brows, which in turn makes your face appear older I agree waxing is the best method to clean hairs but not eyebrow as I told you waxing makes your face appear older. also waxing involves painful tearing, you can just imagine what might happen next.

Mistake 6 : Don’t Lay the makeup on thick

It is easier to get the shade of brows, once you have done the rest of your don’t want your brows to look painted on, so avoid using a heavy hand with any kind of brow makeup.

Mistake 7 : Don’t Forget to Blend

Blending is the most common mistake. Blending isn’t only for your become flushed applying this method to your brow filler keeps it from looking excessively unforgiving or overdrawn.

Mistake 8 : Don’t Do Over Plucking

Plucking out the stray hairs every day can reduce the size of your brows. Also difficult to get a natural-looking result when using brow definers like pencils or powder.

Mistake 9 : Ignoring The Natural Arch

Eyebrow stencils seem like a quick, easy way to get the perfect shape, but they often won’t match your natural arch and cause you to over-pluck in the wrong areas. A strong brow arch is ideal for many women, but putting it too close to the center of your face can make your eyes look more angry than accentuated.

I thought you will get amazing eyebrows after avoiding Common Eyebrow Threading Mistakes