Some important Tips For Regrowing Eyebrows That You should Follow

Some important Tips For Regrowing Eyebrows That You should Follow

Ladies, lets talk about Some important Tips For Regrowing Eyebrows That You should Follow as you all know Eyebrows has a very prominent place on the face because they decides the look of our face. But hormonal imbalance, not getting the right kind of nutrition and more threading etc. makes your eyebrows to get normal again in around 6 to 8 months. If your eyebrows are also light  and you want to make  so dense, please use these natural things and see if it is beneficial for you.

Tips For Regrowing Eyebrows

Here are the tips :-

  1.  Castor Oil – Gently  apply this oil on your eye brows and  just leave them after  a massage of only 2-3 minutes. Then wash the face with Luke warm water and face wash after 30 minutes. Do not use it if is causing any kind of trouble like itching.
  2.  Coconut oil and lemon – Take 1/4 cup of coconut oil and grind it with with slices of lemon in the mixer. Then please leave this mixture like that only overnight, then for a few days or as long as eyebrows do not go heavy, apply the mixture with the help of cotton on your eye brow . Apply it at night before going to bed because after applying, you cannot go in the sunlight alteast for 2 hours. The skin will begin to irritate because of the effect of Lemon
  3. Aloevera- Peel the fresh leaves of Aloe vera and take the pulp to apply it on your eyebrows. Doing so will increase the growth of the eyebroy and as well as the skin.
  4.  Onions- Sulfur which is found in the onion is helpful in  growing eyebrows again and  creating them dense. Grind the onions and apply the juice on your eye brows.
  5. Fenugreek – Before taking a bath or before going to bed , Grind fenugreek and apply it on his eye brows. You can also  mix Almond oil in this paste before applying, it will moisturize your skin.
  6. Milk – Vitamins and protein are found in milk or milk products. Apply the Cotton wool soaked in milk before going to bed on your eye brow and areas near eyebrows. With this hairs will start to grow again and it will also nourish the roots of your hairs inside the skin.