Points to be kept in mind while doing Eyebrow Threading !

We do eyebrow threading to get rid of our unwanted hair, but sometimes it takes the form of a problem because after threading , acne and scars are so painful as well as gives your face dirty look and the problem is that you do not think about this and you can get rid of this problem if you pay a little attention ,  so let us know how to avoid the problem in today ‘s Post :-

Eyebrow threading acne tips :


This happens because our skin is actually is most sensitive to pressure and friction on your skin, so care is needed the most modern way. However, professional skin experts knows everything about how to take care of your skin,  but you also should be aware of and should always keep the following things in mind for the sake of your skin –

Eyebrow threading acne tips

  • Keep in mind that while threading hold your Eyebrow very tightly because if you will keep your skin tight, then it will be easier to pull the hair out of the skin and the possibility of subsequent acne and scars is less.
  • Be aware at the time of Eyebrow threading that sufficient amount of baby powder is applied on your eyebrow because with this your skin will become soft and will be very less affected by stretching.
  • You also must note that after eyebrow threading is done, since your skin follicles are exposed from the place where the hairs are removed , don’t touch that area with your dirty hands  because this goes will let dirt go inside your skin which later may result in acne or scars.
  • Wash the face with cold water at  night before going to bed.
  • Apply only the natural cream for the purpose of  Moisturisation

So these were some useful tips related to problems of acne in Eyebrow threading . For more useful articles , keep visiting our website and leave your comments below in the comment box.